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Resilience & Recovery from Substance Abuse

resilience - recovery - addiction recovery

Resilience is the ability to bear up against and bounce back quickly from tough or difficult situations. Babies, children and teens are generally more resilient than their parents realize. And although recovery from substance use/misuse hinges on the ability to stay: Focused Motivated Patient Resilient Younger, more resilient, more impatient substance users/misusers innately tend to […]

If Other People Have a Problem with Your Program, It’s Their Problem

If Other People Have a Problem with Your Program, It’s Their Problem

One of the biggest obstacles in recovery, is interacting with people who do not understand what recovery is, what it means, and why you are in it. The ignorance around recovery, and the fact that it’s a topic often shied away from, causes mass misunderstanding. One of the problems may stem from the fact that […]

Drug-Seeking Behavior: Everything You Need to Know

drug-seeking behavior - drug-seeking - self-seeking - dopaminergic - dopamine - reward center - discomfort or pain - emotional discomfort or emotional pain

Drug-seeking behavior is behavior that is meant to decrease discomfort or pain. People seek dopaminergic-drugs in order to feel better because dopaminergic-drugs increase dopamine in our mind’s/brain’s pleasure center. The more frequently one seeks dopaminergic-drug(s), the more readily they are unable to use infrequently. Addiction is defined by the loss of choice to stop using. […]

Medication-Assistance: Why We Choose Naltrexone over Methadone

naltrexone versus methadone - naltrexone - MAT - medication-assisted treatment - MAT naltrexone - why we choose naltrexone over methadone

Naltrexone is a fairly new addition to the medical portfolio of medication-assisted treatment compared to Methadone. Methadone was frequently used to detoxify heroin addicts in the 1960s. It rapidly became a substitute addiction for heroin. Typically, methadone was dispensed in methadone clinics with very little, if any, co-delivered recovery-sensitive cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and/or self-help […]