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Royal Life Centers at Sound Recovery, located in stunning Lacey, Washington, is the premiere outpatient destination for recovering from substance use disorder. Our guests select from a variety of group therapies, empowering them with the freedom of tailoring their own recovery. During treatment guests often choose to stay at our newly renovated apartment style housing, however this is not mandatory. Those who do stay with us will enjoy bedrooms equipped with flat screen TVs and Dish Network programming, perfect for that end of the day unwind. Optional activity and adventure therapies give guests the chance to participate in painting, sculpting, ropes courses, creating music, journaling, equine therapy and more. Job placement assistance is available to help our guests find employment after completing treatment, making this transition as seamless as possible. Our focus is always on the guest at Royal Life Centers, Because We Care.


Royal Life at Sound recovery delivers personalized, evidence-based treatment that scientific research has proven to be most effective at helping people achieve and maintain long-term recovery.


At Royal Life Centers at Sound, we offer addiction aftercare services at the PHP, IOP, OP, and sober living level to provide treatment and support at all stages of recovery. Our outpatient center sits in the heart of beautiful Washington state, the ideal location for rediscovering oneself and building a life free of substances.

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*Due to HIPAA laws, we are unable to show actual client photos. However, each of our testimonials are verified.
  • Josh S.

    I was the person who thought I could never stay sober longer than a week, but that all changed for me because of the caring support of the therapists and staff at Sound Recovery. They believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself and today I have a great life, friends, and an awesome job…

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  • Natasha W.

    This place is wonderful. The staff is really caring and are really dedicated to bringing you the best recovery experience you can get. One of my cousins went here for a while and hes totally changed for the better ever since. He said the staff here dont judge and they've gone through similar experiences. Plus the activities are fun and the food is really good.

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  • Desiree J.

    Very helpful program, and my experience was phenomenal! The biggest game changer for me was the staff, and level of care that each person I came into contact with put into my treatment. From the BHTs to the therapists I truely felt like they were invested in seeing me succeeed!

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  • Jerome W.

    Royal Life Centers is really good. The staff really cares about you and they dont judge. I came here when i lost my basketball scholarship cuz of drugs and i wasn't gonna make it to D1. I was real depressed when I came in and I had a bad attitude but everythings really turned around for me since I been clean for 11 months now.

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