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Medical Detox

What is Medical Detox?

We offer medical detox services at Royal Life Centers at the Haven, also located in Lacey, WA and RLC at Puget Sound, located in Sumner, WA. We staff the finest medical professionals, therapists, psychiatrists, case managers, and other addiction treatment specialists. Our detox centers provide guests all the resources needed to overcome substance use disorder.

Medical Detox
We follow medication-assisted detoxification protocol that is based on a clinical examination of each guest. Medical staff then create individualized medical regimens designed to make the withdrawal process as uncomplicated and effective as possible. Guests are assigned a primary therapist who will provide psychiatric care, medication management help, and counseling. Without medical supervision, it is more likely for complications from withdrawal to develop. It is essential to have a safe, structured environment with 24/7 medical care during this time. Withdrawal is very much psychological, and managing mental, as well as physical symptoms, is a big part of early recovery. Treatment and support are critical if detox is going to have lasting results. Following a therapy program is just one way we support and encourage our guests. Our therapists facilitate both group and individual therapy sessions during detox. Guests attend group therapy five hours per day, every day. There is no one “right” way to administer therapy, which is why our therapists work with guests to create unique, custom-tailored plans designed to accommodate guests’ individual needs. Guests must attend group during detox unless deemed medically unable by an RLC staff member. Group topics range from self-discovery and life-skills to emotion management and relapse prevention, all foundations of newfound sobriety. Our detox centers are fully-licensed, dually-accredited closed facilities that allow guests the time and space needed to recover without distractions. Following detox, guests begin residential inpatient treatment at RLC at Puget Sound. Structured much like our medical detox program, our inpatient program consists of: 24/7 medical monitoring, psychiatric care, medication management help, daily group and individual therapy, and three chef-prepared meals per day. Our inpatient guests also have access to a variety of activities and games, as well as TVs and Xbox consoles. Residential inpatient aims to support those in early recovery and prepare them to begin outpatient programming at RLC at Sound. If you or a loved one would like more information about our detox program at RLC at the Haven and/or our detox/residential inpatient programs at RLC at Puget Sound, please reach out to our admissions team at (888) 716-4070. Because We Care.

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