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Sober Studios

Music Therapy At Our Sober Studios

At Royal Life Centers, our programs are designed around a multi-faceted holistic approach. Our hands-on therapy programs are an integral part of our holistic treatment. Through our music therapy program, Sober Studios, guests practice self-expression and channel their feelings, thoughts, and emotions in a healthy way.

Research has shown that music therapy is an effective treatment method for substance use disorders. Additionally, music therapy treats several addiction-associated aliments as it provides physical rehabilitation, reduces anxiety, and increases motivation— all of which encourages guests to take an active role in their treatment while providing emotional support for guests.

Additional therapeutic objectives of our music therapy program include:

  • Integrate artistic expression as a coping mechanism
  • Learn about self and others through art-making, poetic/literary response, movement, and music-making
  • Practice positive risk-taking and working outside of personal “comfort zone”
  • Reduce stress and anxiety through leisurely activity

Sober Studios

Our music therapy program takes place in our in-house music production facility, Sober Studios. Sober Studios is a multi-track recording studio and therapeutic art space located at every Royal Life Centers campus. Offered as one of our diverse therapy programs, guests are able to choose Sober Studios as a part of their individualized treatment plans. During this, Sober Studios teaches guests about songwriting, music production, and audio recording basics. Throughout our 12-week program, guests write lyrics and create original audio recordings that document their recovery process.

In Sober Studios, our guests work with a music therapist using state-of-the-art technology and recording equipment. During these group sessions, guests write and produce their own music while working towards clinical goals and objectives, and conquering individual fears and barriers that go with the process.

At the being of each session at Royal Life Centers at Sound Recovery’s Sober Studios, guests choose a topic for their song. In other words, our guests find a reason for their music based on a difficult situation or emotion the guest feels is important to their recovery. Subsequently, guests write lyrics, record music instrumentals, and save the song as an MP3. After that, guests are able to have this MP3 file sent to them via email. Most importantly, music therapy helps each guest practice self-expression, creative thinking, and effective communication​.

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