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Sober Living

Sober living programs provided in the aftercare programs prepare guests for independence and freedom in sobriety. These programs teach guests how to integrate a healthy balance between recovery, working, and life. Sober living offers a safe, supportive environment in which guests gain freedom at a pace that encourages growth in recovery. Sober living also providing a sense of accountability with regular urinalysis drugs and alcohol screening tests.

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Sound Recovery’s Sober Housing

During Royal Life Centers at Sound Recovery’s aftercare program, guests are afforded the opportunity to live in our sober living housing. Our sober living options consist of Royal Life Housing and Graduate Housing.

After completing our inpatient programs, guests who would like to continue with us in our aftercare program most commonly will choose to live in our Sober Housing on property. Our Sober housing is only available to current guests who have completed our inpatient treatment programs. We model the responsibility of paying bills and budgeting with low weekly rent for a nice apartment or home that is fully furnished with cable/internet and is accompanied by the safety and security of a sober living staff nearby. Paying rent for sober housing begins after we help you find employment— in phase 2 of the 12-week program. Rent is a weekly cost of $50 (weeks 4-8) and rises to $75 (weeks 9-12). Our Graduate Housing provides additional continuing care for graduates of our twelve-week program who elect into our outpatient program.

Royal Life Centers’ Sober Housing Features include:

  • Flatscreen TVs with Dish Network
  • Wi-Fi
  • On-site washers and dryers
  • Full-sized Kitchens
  • Bedrooms with TV sets
  • Regular drug testing
  • Transportation to meetings and PHP/IOP
  • Nightly curfews

Our goal is that Royal Life Housing provides a safe space for guests to return to at the end of each day. Caring, compassionate staff is always available to answer questions and provide needed support. We strive to make our housing program as comprehensive and affordable as we can to complement treatment and facilitate long-term sobriety.

Sober Living in Aftercare

Our sober living, Royal Life Housing, is the perfect housing option for guests in PHP and IOP who would like to have continued support, accountability, and a built-in community of recovery. Sober Housing provides factors that enrich guest’s recovery. During Sound Recovery’s aftercare program, rent for the first 4 weeks of our twelve-week program (PHP), is included in a guest’s treatment plan.

In our aftercare sober living housing, guests re-learn accountability and responsibility by attending group meetings, house meetings, 12-step meetings, and individual therapy appointments. The frequency of meeting requirements decreases as guests work through the levels of care in the 12-week program.

In addition to participation in meetings, guests are expected to complete house chores and pay rent (after PHP). Accountability and responsibility are skills that are incredibly important for those in early recovery when preparing for independent living. Our housing arrangements at Royal Life Centers at Sound Recovery encourages the development of these skills, which help with impulse control and building self-sufficiency.

As guests reintegrate themselves into the community during PHP, they collaborate with case managers and staff on resume building and job preparedness. We at Royal Life Centers at Sound Recovery guide you within PHP and sobering living to find a fulfilling job position. Once a guest has gained employment and moved into IOP, rent is applied to sober living, costing $50 per week in IOP phase 1 and $75 per week in IOP phase 2. Guests partaking in the 12-week program receive two $35 food vouchers each week for groceries. 

Graduate Housing

Guests of Royal Life Centers at Sound Recovery who have completed our 12-week aftercare program are eligible to continue their stay with us at our Graduate Housing, the sober living residence for Royal alumni. Grad housing offers the same amenities as our 12-week sober living, but also allows for more freedom with a later nightly curfew, visitation privileges, and overnight passes. With the additional freedoms comes accountability checkups in the form of twice-weekly urinalysis testing for drugs and alcohol. Guests in our outpatient Graduate Housing continue their growth and relapse prevention skills by attending less frequent but still benefical group meetings, house meetings, and a minimum of one individual therapy appointment per month. Royal Life Housing at Royal Life Centers is designed to accommodate guests for as long as they would like to stay with us. Please reach out to our admissions team at 888-716-4070 with any questions or concerns that you have. Because We Care.

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