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What is a Guest?

As hosts at Royal Life Centers at Sound Recovery, we extend an all-inclusive greeting to those seeking assistance. Above all, we value the people in our care and consider them to be our welcome guests.

As your host, we are committed to expressing respectful and welcoming attitudes to ease the transition into treatment and recovery. Our programs, techniques, and staff strive to keep each guest grounded and supported at all times. Our staff members develop a culture of confidence as a result of our continual reassurance and care without judgment. This allows our guests to build self-awareness and self-esteem, both of which are critical for long-term recovery.

Respect In Recovery

While most care providers refer to individuals in their facilities as “clients” or “patients,” we regard you as visitors the moment you walk through our doors. We gratefully accept the gift of assisting you during your stay, ensuring that your accommodations are satisfactory, and providing you with a real and open line of communication throughout your recovery. You are our guests, and we are delighted to have you here. You are not only welcomed into Royal Life Centers at Sound Recovery; you also play an important role in the ongoing progress that is your recovery. We want you to feel safe, relaxed and appreciated as our guests.

Since opening our facilities, Royal Life Centers has vowed to treat our guests as individuals. We have never used the word “patient,” and we oppose any terminology that could be viewed as dismissive. As a major recovery network, we believe it is our responsibility to help eliminate negative stigmas and judgmental language associated with addiction. We also want to normalize person-first, guest-centric language and raise addiction awareness and education.

At Sound Recovery, we believe that changing the way we speak about addiction is the most effective way to effect change. Shatterproof is a non-profit group dedicated to reversing the country’s addiction crisis. Shatterproof supports the proactive shift in our “country’s consciousness” to end the stigma around substance use disorders. We agree that respect-based practices are the best way to revolutionize addiction prevention, care, rehabilitation, and advocacy.

The Royal Treatment For Our Guests

It’s important to us at Royal Life Centers at Sound Recovery that we handle our guests equally. The staff at Sound Recovery uses nonjudgmental language with our guests to promote open contact and confidence. We use the following strategies to incorporate stigma-reducing practices and respectful collaboration:

  • During a guest’s initial assessment, Sound Recovery staff present themselves in a cool, relaxed manner in order to alleviate any anxiety about entering care.
  • To ensure a degree of comfort and respect, we address guests by their preferred name.
  • Guests complete a biopsychosocial assessment and work with their therapist to develop a customized service plan (ISP).
  • We take each guest on a tour of the facility so they can get comfortable in the environment they’ll be calling home for the duration of their care.
  • We emphasize that all questions are welcome, and guests are free to ask staff members directly.
  • Our guests are monitored by Sound Recovery workers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure their safety and well-being during the treatment process.
  • We take and guest on a tour of the facility so they can get comfortable in the environment they’ll be calling home for the duration of their care.
  • At all times, we keep the facility clean and comfortable.
  • Each guest is entertained, educated, and accommodated by our staff.
  • We promote positive connections between our guests in order to help them form bonds with their peers.

It’s also worth mentioning that guests staying at Royal Life Centers at Sound Recovery are treated equally. Our guests are treated with compassion and consideration by the workers at Sound Recovery. We strive to provide every guest with a sense of security and continuity. As a result, we place ourselves in such a way that all of our guests have fast and easy access to us in the event that they need assistance. Using guest-centric language is one way Sound Recovery’s staff brings a sense of empathy and compassion into our services.

How ‘Guest-Centric’ Language Helps Recovery

We recognize the power of words—what we say has the potential to influence how others feel. We choose our words with care because, while they can be uplifting, they can also be devastating. As a result, we choose to connect in a language that promotes the development and positive energy.

To explain, while words can help and encourage healing, they can also harm and deplete a person’s motivation. Our team ensures that Sound Recovery’s guest-centric approach extends beyond our facilities and programs to the way we interact with them.

Also, we recognize that many people want to share their sympathy and understanding for their loved one’s situation. Unfortunately, the stigmas associated with substance abuse disorders prevent them from fully communicating their emotions. As a result, most have never had a positive example of non-critical, person-first language (PFL) to positively influence their response to addiction.

Person-First Care For SUD Rehabilitation

Person-first language reduces simplifications or labels by using consistent, objective language when discussing those with a substance use disorder. PFL reframes the sentence as “person with a substance use disorder” rather than using the blame language associated with substance abuse, “they’re an addict.” As a result, person-first terms eliminate the judgmental tone often used when discussing addiction, which usually labels a person as their impairment.

The ingrained judgment in American culture is minimized by replacing words like “addict,” “junkie,” and “druggie” with person-first vocabulary like “a person with a SUD.” The climate surrounding substance use disorders has conditioned the general public, as well as some medical professionals, to view addiction as a crime to be punished rather than treated. Removing this mindset from society makes it easier for the addiction rehabilitation community, and the rest of the world, to make meaningful changes.

Whether we like it or not, words have an impact on how we view people and, as a result, how we treat them. To help people with substance use disorders, we need to change the way we speak about and to them. As a result, Sound Recovery uses guest-centric vocabulary to ensure that our guests are treated with dignity and respect.

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