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Group Therapy

Benefits of Group Therapy

Royal Life Centers at Sound Recovery’s group therapy provides guests with a unique set of benefits that complement the positive growth gained in individual therapy. Sharing and listening in a group setting organically creates a support network between peers with similar experiences and situations.

group therapy

Group therapy is particularly effective when guests attend individual sessions in tandem. This is because individual therapy allows guests to fully explore any thoughts or feelings they had in group but weren’t comfortable sharing and group therapy provides a community space for guests to express themselves and share unique perspectives and solutions for each other’s problems. Due to the diverse benefits offered by each therapy method, both are held throughout each week of Royal Life Centers at Sound Recovery’s 12-week aftercare program.

Group therapy treats addiction by:

  • Offers unique perspectives from fellow recoverers
  • Provides a sounding board to work through issues
  • Exposes guests to diverse people and viewpoints
  • Put their own problems into context
  • Creates ties to the sober community
  • Promotes social and listening skills
  • Reinforces self-expression
  • Develops accountability
  • Improves recovery resolve
  • Boosts confidence and self-esteem
  • Dismantles maladaptive behaviors
  • Reveals solutions to difficult situations
  • Introduces a built-in support network

Guests who are more comfortable sharing in a group setting may find that engaging with others helps them to feel less alone in whatever they might be dealing with. Group settings encourage guests to re-build trust skills, essential to forming and maintaining lasting, healthy relationships. Along that same thread, groups provide a support network for our guests, which is an essential part of recovery, particularly early recovery. This is part of why we at Royal Life Centers at Sound Recovery place a special emphasis on the bonding power of group therapy.

At Sound Recovery, group therapy meets six hours per day, six days per week during PHP, which is the first stage of our twelve-week program. During the second stage of our 12-week program, group meets three hours per day, five days per week; in the final phase, IOP, group meets three hours per day, three days per week.

In a typical group therapy session, one of our lead therapists will decide on the meeting topic— such as relapse prevention, self-worth, goal-setting, self-discovery, or processing feelings and emotions— and determine whether the meeting will be structured as an educational session or as more of an informal discussion. Therapists at Sound Recovery serve as group facilitators by asking questions and encouraging participation in a welcoming, judgment-free space. While in group therapy, guests choose how much or how little they want to participate, but we hope that they will share with their peers and get the most out of the group setting.

To learn more about our holistic therapy program, or any of our other programs, at Royal Life Centers at Sound Recovery, please reach out to us at (888) 716-4070. Our admissions team is available 24/7 to answer your questions. Because We Care.

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