Case Management

case management

What is Case Management?

Case management is defined by the Case Management Society of America as a “collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, and advocacy for options and services to meet individual and family needs through communication and available resources to promote quality, cost-effective outcomes.” Case management is one type of community aftercare used for ongoing management of chronic mental health disorders, such as addiction.

We have developed our case management program with guests and their families in mind. Our primary goal is getting guests back on track to independent living. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration lists several principles of case management that our program exemplifies:

  • Offers one point of contact with health/social services
  • Guest-driven and driven by guest need
  • Advocacy and community-based
  • Practical
  • Must be flexible
  • Culturally sensitive

Upon arrival at Royal Life Centers at Sound, guests are paired with one of our experienced case managers. They will then receive an individual screening and assessment. The ultimate goal of case management is guest wellness. We take care to note what guests’ unique needs are and determine how best to meet them. All the while, keeping in mind particular sets of circumstances.

Additionally, our case managers work closely with guests and the appropriate legal, social, and medical contacts throughout outpatient programming. Together we develop case plans, match guests with appropriate community resources, and determine benefits eligibility. Case managers also serve as guest advocates and represent guest interests in the legal and social system.

Guests also receive assistance with everyday things, such as filling prescription medications, scheduling appointments, and rejoining the workforce/continuing their education.

Having a plan in place in early recovery is essential to long-term sobriety, and taking inventory of all available and necessary resources is a part of building and adjusting this plan. Assessment ensures that guests will be able to modify paths of action, when and where appropriate, down the line. Goal-planning, flexibility, and therapy are components of case management when viewed through the clinical lens, a broader, more inclusive approach to case management.

If you or a loved one is ready to begin recovery, we hope you’ll make Royal Life Centers at Sound a part of your treatment plan. Our admissions team is available at all hours at (877)-RECOVERY to speak with you about our detox and outpatient programs and answer any questions you have about our center. Because We Care.