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If Other People Have a Problem with Your Program, It’s Their Problem

One of the biggest obstacles in recovery, is interacting with people who do not understand what recovery is, what it means, and why you are in it. The ignorance around recovery, and the fact that it’s a topic often shied away from, causes mass misunderstanding.

One of the problems may stem from the fact that you yourself and the people you know probably have certain expectations about your recovery that may be quite unrealistic. You may have thoughts it would be quick, simple, and easy, and that the hardest part would be getting through that first day without a drink or drug. It doesn’t take most people very long to find out that, yes, the first day was hard, the second day not quite so bad, and succeeding days easier and easier, but then the work of remaking yourself begins, and that’s not a breeze.

Your Program Doesn’t Erase Life’s Problems

Your program doesn’t exist to erase life’s problems, it exists so that you can maneuver through life’s problems without taking a drink or drug to escape and inevitably create more. They may have thought that once you stopped drinking and drugging, and especially once you got out of rehab or got yourself into some kind of treatment or support program, you would be so completely transformed that life together would hold no more problems.

What they have to learn is now that you are back to “normal,” you will display all of the “normal” person’s susceptibility to life’s stresses, to have ups and downs, good and bad moods, moments of anger and temper. An effective treatment program will help you become a better person and to deal more effectively with anger, resentment, and mood swings. But not even the most successful recovery program has ever claimed to make people perfect.

The Transformation

While you are working toward achieving the “new you,” those around you will eventually begin to recognize that not only are you trying to change, you are changing. They may even begin to change with you. Meanwhile, you will find it easier to accept their adjustment difficulties by relying on your own new problem-solving approaches and attitudes. A solid program of recovery outlines spiritual principles that you practice to manage any problems and improve your approaches and attitudes.

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