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Overdose Deaths Rise from Cocaine and Meth

overdose deaths - death by overdose - cocaine - meth - methamphetamine - stimulants

Overdose deaths aren’t just a symptom of the current opioid crisis, but we have seen an increase in drug overdoses due to drugs like cocaine and meth. The trend is not only exclusive to drug users who used an opiate alongside the cocaine or meth, these two drugs in particular have been the cause of […]

Deadly Drug Awareness: Synthetic Drug W-18

synthetic drugs - synthetics - w-18 - w18 - manmade drugs - chemicals - deadly drug - drug rehab - drug detox

With increased vigilance, law enforcement is coming into contact with more and more dangerous illicit drugs than they could have ever imagined. Many of these drugs are synthetics, that is lab-made or manmade chemicals with insane potency and the potential to be lethal. One of the most well-known synthetic drugs is fentanyl, a synthetic opioid […]

10 Questions to Ask Yourself Daily in Addiction Treatment

addiction treatment - addiction - treatment - reflect - reflection - problem behaviors - drugs or alcohol

Addiction treatment is a time that marks personal growth. You have to be courageous and strong to enter recovery from drugs and alcohol. An addiction is easy to get, but hard to overcome. Many enter the treatment process broken down in the mind, body and spirit, which is why at Royal Life Centers at Sound […]

How To Start Your Day in Addiction Treatment

how to start your day in addiction recovery - royal life centers at sound - royal life centers at sound recovery - sound recovery

Addiction treatment seeks to help you end your bad behaviors and replace them with healthy habits instead. Part of addiction treatment is learning a new way to live, giving you the skills and tools you need to rebuild a happy, healthy, successful and meaningful life in sobriety. Alcohol and substance use disorders disrupt each aspect […]

Drug Addiction: Does Your Environment Make it Harder to get Sober?

environment - environmental cues - environmental impact - your environment in sobriety - conducive to recovery - addiction recovery - recovery - recovery from addiction

What is an Environmental Cue? An environmental cue, or trigger, can be anything that brings back thoughts, feelings or memories that are associated with addiction. Any person, place, or thing that is associated with using drugs or alcohol can be a trigger. Seeing these environmental cues, or triggers, creates an immediate response to the “reward” […]

20 Ways to Relax: Addiction Treatment Relaxation Techniques

relax - relaxation - relaxation techniques - techniques to relax in addiction treatment - how to relax

Addiction recovery is all about replacing bad habits with healthy habits, and learning a new way of life. It is important to take time for yourself to relax in addiction recovery, as many emotions can arise during the recovery process. Addiction treatment can be emotionally and physically exhausting, as you are re-learning valuable life skills […]

The Healing Powers of Nature: How the Outdoors Can Help You Recover

nature - healing power of nature - nature is healing - recovering from addiction with nature - adventure therapy - activity therapy - equine therapy

Nature provides powerful healing properties that will enhance your recovery no matter where you are in the recovery process. Royal Life Centers at Sound Recovery provides intensive therapy, including adventure therapy for optimal healing of the mind, body, and spirit. Our guests enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Pacific Northwest, as we are located in […]

10 Ways to Support Your Loved One Through Recovery

support your loved one - support - how to support your loved one in addiction treatment - how to support a friend in rehab - how to support - supporting your friend in rehab

The process of recovery from addiction is filled with ups and downs, obstacles, and stressors. It is best for families and friends to support their loved one in all aspects of recovery. Because alcohol addiction and drug addiction disrupts each aspect of life, your loved one will need support as they learn a new way […]

What Do I Do After IOP?

after IOP - outpatient program - outpatient - after outpatient - sober living - halfway house - three quarter house - recovery - addiction recovery

Many people do not know what IOP or intensive outpatient is, let alone what to do after IOP when they complete the program. Most people think drug and alcohol rehab is an inpatient program for addiction treatment. Despite there being many inpatient options for drug and alcohol addiction, residential treatment is only one treatment option […]