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What Do I Do After IOP?

Many people do not know what IOP or intensive outpatient is, let alone what to do after IOP when they complete the program. Most people think drug and alcohol rehab is an inpatient program for addiction treatment. Despite there being many inpatient options for drug and alcohol addiction, residential treatment is only one treatment option for addiction treatment. Royal Life Centers at Sound Recovery offers a variety of treatment programs, which transition guests from a higher level of care to a less structured treatment environment.

Before IOP

Before an intensive outpatient program, guests usually have experience in other treatment services, like medical detox and residential inpatient programs. Royal Life Centers offers a wide range of treatment options, including: medical detox, residential inpatient, partial hospitalization program (PHP), intensive outpatient program (IOP), outpatient (OP), sober living and graduate housing.

After IOP

Any comprehensive alcohol rehab Washington has to offer, should include aftercare options that follow after an intensive outpatient program. Usually after completing an intensive outpatient program, guests will join an outpatient program. Aftercare is a term that speaks to the “what comes after?” question. If you are looking for aftercare options in Washington, look no further. Royal Life Centers at Sound Recovery offers an outpatient program that comes after IOP. Outpatient treatment is designed to be transitioned into, from our intensive outpatient treatment. Our outpatient treatment can also be attended for first-time guests. Anyone looking to enrich their recovery and get confidence in sobriety can benefit from outpatient services.

Outpatient Programs

Outpatient programs are ideal for guests who would like to continue to grow in recovery. Outpatient programs offer support and a sense of accountability, while also letting guests live their own lives. Outpatient programs are designed to fit anyone’s circumstances, needs, and goals. Outpatient programs are supposed to prepare guests for independence, giving them access to many freedoms while still offering support to them in a setting that is trusted. Guests often choose to become a part of our outpatient program because they want to gain confidence in living independently. We offer an outpatient program that provides support and opportunities for each guest to thrive.

Our Treatment Options

Royal Life Centers at Sound Recovery is our addiction treatment in Lacey, Washington. Our center offers aftercare options that continue to treat substance use disorder. For our guests who have completed our 2-week residential program, we offer drug and alcohol treatment in a 9-week program that transitions guests from a partial hospitalization program (PHP) to an intensive outpatient program (IOP). Our 9-week program is designed to prepare guests for our outpatient program. An outpatient program is created to come after intensive outpatient, ultimately preparing guests for complete independence.

Our Outpatient Program

Royal Life Centers at Sound Recovery’s outpatient program is a less structured, more flexible treatment option. Located in Washington state, Royal Life Centers at Sound Recovery provides the perfect landscape to our program that gives guests the tools to build a happy, and healthy life in sobriety. Guests in our outpatient program continue to receive substance abuse treatment through individual therapy sessions, group therapy, and a variety of physical wellness therapies. We offer adventure, activity, and equine physical wellness therapies. Our therapies will treat physical, behavioral, and mental health.

Royal Life Centers at Sound Recovery is a rehab program that has phases of treatment that seamlessly transitions guests through the recovery process, giving them confidence in maintaining their sobriety.

Housing in Outpatient

Our outpatient program offers housing called sober living. Those who live in our graduate housing are mainly guests who have graduated from our 9-week program and have a job. First-time guests also have the option to live in our graduate housing, if they already have some time in sobriety and would like to enrich their recovery. Our sober living housing at Royal Life Centers at Sound Recovery is a great way for guests to have continued support, a sense of community, and accountability. Sober living housing after IOP is an option, and not a requirement; guests can choose to attend our outpatient services while living at home.

Rules of Outpatient

While in our outpatient program, guests have access to all the support they need in recovery. The only “rules” of our outpatient program is dedication to recovery, nightly curfew, and attending therapy sessions. In our outpatient program, guests play an active role in creating their treatment plan. Guests work with a case manager to choose the type of group therapy sessions they will attend, and the frequency at which they attend. Guests in outpatient services can participate in therapy on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. All guests in our outpatient program will undergo regular alcohol and drug testing, and nightly curfew check-ins (if they choose to live in graduate housing). Outpatient guests are allowed to have visitors on property, even being able to get overnight passes for visitors.

Why Our Outpatient Program?

Our outpatient program is very flexible, and can fit into anyone’s schedule. We give outpatient guests access to many resources, including: medical professionals, staff members (who are on the clock and attentive at all times), therapists, case managers, and each other for peer support. Our outpatient program is ideal for any guest looking to enrich their recovery and build confidence in their sobriety. Royal Life Centers at Sound Recovery treats guests to prepare them for a healthy, happy, and successful life in sobriety.

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