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Where Can I Get Outpatient Drug Treatment?

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Treatment for substance use disorder can come in a variety of settings. Here at Royal Life Centers at Sound Recovery, we offer a range of aftercare options for our guests to learn tools to build a successful life in sobriety. The approach we have is a holistic one, we treat the mind, body, and spirit […]

Does Sober Living Really Have to Come After Treatment?

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Only the best rehab programs will incorporate a sense of continued accountability, community involvement, and sober support networks. Addiction treatment programs with these aspects are proven to be more effective. Royal Life Centers at Sound Recovery includes sober living opportunities to act as transitional living, with the goal of preparing guests for independence- giving them […]

How Long is Drug Rehab For?

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What is Outpatient Rehab? Outpatient rehabilitation programs are a less-structured, flexible aftercare option. With alcohol and substance use disorders, seeking further addiction treatment after attending a medical detox center is highly recommended. Continuing addiction treatment greatly increases your chance of success in lasting sobriety. Alcohol and substance abuse reaches far beyond medical detoxification; at Royal […]

What are the Main Signs of Alcohol Addiction?

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Alcohol As a society, we are no stranger to alcohol. Alcohol is everywhere, available at convenience with a global impact. There are an estimated 16 million people suffering from Alcohol Use Disorder in the United States. Alcohol is often viewed as an acceptable substance to use, however, like with the compulsive use of any substance, it […]