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Building Self-Esteem in Recovery

self-esteem - substance abuse - addiction - self-harming thoughts - building self-esteem - active addiction - healthy habits

In active addiction, many people with a substance use disorder put themselves in compromising situations and do things they probably would not do otherwise. Later, when they get sober, they regret these actions or behaviors. It’s important to not let what you did in active addiction consume you or inform your perception of yourself. There […]

Why You Should Consider Outpatient Treatment

outpatient program - outpatient - outpatient rehab - outpatient rehab program - outpatient level of care

Outpatient treatment is an essential part of recovery. One study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse found that people with at least one substance use disorder who enroll in an outpatient program have no less than a success rate of 80 percent. When recovering from a substance use disorder, continued support is important. Detoxification […]