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How Manifestation Helps Sobriety

For the longest time, I dismissed manifestation as another snake-oil internet scam. I grew up in a strict Christian household that never sat right with my mind. In turn, I assumed that any belief system requiring trust and a routine is cult-esque and malicious. 

A born skeptic, I marked manifestation as a money-making scheme. When you stop to think about it, who’s going to make money on your manifestations? Nikola Telsa, Mr. Law of Attraction, creator of the 369 numbers and manifestation’s biggest advocate, is long dead. He surely isn’t profiting off of his ideas. Surely there are manifestation guides and self-help books to spark inspiration, but manifestation is a no-money-down practice. In fact, all you need for the 369 method is a pen (or pencil) and a piece of paper. Other routines require nothing but your willingness to meditate.

At some point, I sat down, utterly exhausted with the going-nowhere drunken existence I accepted for myself somewhere along the way. Tired of being tired, I scoured the internet for uncomplicated ways to break out of my pity drinking and into a fulfilling life. That’s when I found the 369 Manifesting Method.        

Manifesting 101

Manifesting is a fancy word for positive thinking 2.0. As a huge believer in the importance of practicing positive self-talk, I decided to give manifestation a try. In order to manifest, practice thinking aspirational thoughts with the intention of bringing them to life. 

Has someone ever told you to “visualize your goal”? It feels pointless and a tad condescending. The skepticism comes from the fact that most people never learn how to visualize concepts. When I considered visualization, I pictured a cartoon thought-bubble sprouting from my skull playing a scenario projector-style on repeat.

Instead, manifestation is the process of visualizing your desire through thought, emotion, and belief and projecting it into reality. There’s another saying of Buddhist origins, “you are what you think you are”. This follows the thread that, if you think you are hopeless, you will give up hope. Manifestation brings forth positive, proactive actions as it promotes positive, proactive thinking.   

As you manifest your ideal reality, you inadvertently rewire your thinking. As a result, you are inspired, taking action within your life to make your goal a reality without conscious effort.  

The 369 Method

To break it down, Karin Yee’s 369 Manifesting Method is a Law of Attraction ritual. The 369 method, named after Tesla’s divine numbers, offers a simple routine for you to complete that aids in the manifestation process. Each of the three numbers aligns with a piece of the ritual. Start by writing your end goal 3 times when you wake up, 6 times in the afternoon, and 9 times before you fall asleep. This method transforms the process of thinking something into believing it through repetition and positivity. 

Tesla’s numbers meet the rule created by Abraham-Hicks, an author who supports the Law of Attraction teachings. The Abraham-Hicks rule states that the sentiment encompassing your goal should take longer than 17 seconds to write. This manifestation practice solidifies your intentions into your subconscious, the theoretical connection to the Universe. 

To come up with a powerful affirmation to write, think about your goal. Write your desired outcome conceptually. So, you want to manifest your recovery from drug addiction. You can say I feel so light and peaceful now that drugs have left my life for good. Following this, describe the feeling that emerges from your dream coming true. For instance, Sobriety brought me long-lasting grace and happiness. In order to manifest, dig deep for the raw emotion that drives your desire to recover.

  • Goal: Sobriety
  • Underlying Emotions: happiness, contentment, peace, pride
  • Positive Affirmation: I feel so light and peaceful now that drugs have left my life for good. Sobriety is my long-lasting grace and happiness

When starting the 369 Manifestation Method, it’s easiest to choose a small goal and work your way up to more lofty desires. Seeing your desires spring to life will encourage you to continue the positive affirmations necessary to achieve your larger goals. 

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