Family House

Having been a leader in the industry of addiction treatment for over 10 years, Royal Life Centers knows the importance of providing families the opportunities to heal. We have seen how impactful addiction is, not just for those who struggle with substance abuse, but for their families and loved ones. Once guests are deeper into the recovery process, they often are blind-sighted by their past behaviors, including how they have treated those who love them the most. At Royal Life Centers, we know how vital it is for our guests to re-build healthy, strong relationships with their family members.

The Family House

Because Royal Life Centers is dedicated to both our guests and their families, we provide a property for families to stay if they would like to visit their loved one. This property, called our “Family House,” is available to be booked for immediate family members of guests in our 9-week program or graduates of our 9-week program that have moved into our Royal Life Housing facilities.

Families are able to reserve the Family House for up to one full week, so that they may visit their loved one. We know that planning a visit can be expensive and overwhelming, especially if you will be traveling across state-lines. Royal Life Centers feels privileged to help ease the cost and anxieties that can arise from planning a trip to visit your loved one. We are happy to help this process by offering our Family House property to you, free of charge. We are grateful for you entrusting your loved one in our care, and our gratitude can only be extended to you in this small way.

Family Healing

We believe in our programs, which is why we encourage you to visit your loved one while they are farther along in their recovery process. As your loved one enters or graduates our 9-week program, the transformation he or she has undergone is very apparent. Seeing this change for yourself is a beautiful experience, and our hope is that every family can have this experience to cherish and remember forever. Family healing is crucial in the recovery process, as family members have always been their loved one’s biggest supporters and the purest source of love and faith. We want for every family to have the opportunity to heal from the impact of addiction together, so we are proud to offer the Family House as a safe space to do so.

More about the Family House

Guests will be staying separately from their families, although guests are encouraged to spend as much time as they would like with their families at the Family House. Families are asked not to bring any pets. Families are asked to respect other family’s opportunities to book the Family House by limiting their bookings to once per calendar year. The Family House is a part of our property, so the Family House is an extension of our expectations, values, and mission. The Family House property strictly prohibits any drugs and/or alcohol.

Book Your Visit

To book your stay in our Family House, please fill out the form below to reserve your preferred dates. We are happy to facilitate the transformative healing you and your family will experience.

Lacey, Washington Family House