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Remembering Lives Lost: Black Balloon Day and Overdose Prevention

Black Balloon Day

There are many ways that people choose to remember and honor those who have passed from a substance overdose. One of these is the honoring of Black Balloon Day. This annual event commemorates those who have suffered from overdose. Raising awareness shows the harsh realities of addiction. It gives those suffering from substance abuse the […]

5 Questions to Ask Your Washington State Rehab Center

Washington State Rehab Center

Are you or a loved one considering a Washington State rehab center? Deciding to seek help for addiction is a significant step toward recovery. That said, choosing the right rehab center can be overwhelming. To ensure you receive the best care possible, it’s important to ask the right questions of your treatment team. What Is […]

What Is Coming Down From Ecstasy Like?

Coming Down from Ecstasy

Ecstasy, also known as MDMA, is a notorious party drug that gained popularity for its ability to produce a strong euphoric and pleasurable high. However, what many people do not realize is that the pros of this drug are heavily outweighed by its cons.  Anyone who has experimented with ecstasy can attest to the serious […]

Amphetamine vs Methamphetamine: What’s the Difference?

amphetamine vs methamphetamine

When looking at amphetamine vs methamphetamine, it is all too easy to mistake these substances as being the same things. After all, the word ‘amphetamine’ is present in both. However, while their names may suggest a close relation, there are several differences between these two substances.  While these drugs do share the fact that they […]