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Getting the right Talk Therapy and Medication For Addiction Treatment

The treatment of addiction to drugs and alcohol is something that has evolved rapidly over the past 20 years. While 12 step programs and in-patient treatment still remain the most tried and true methods of getting sober, there are alternative modes of treatment and other methods of treatment that make it easier for people to recover and remain sober.

Two leading methods of alternative and supplemental treatment for addiction include cognitive behavioral therapy and psychiatric treatment. It should be noted that not all therapy is created equal, and many psychiatrists over medicate in early recovery, Royal Life takes a more thoughtful and effective approach. We make sure that each of our guests is properly evaluated and diagnosed by allowing for multiple visits, and reviewing the individual’s medical history extensively before making an official diagnosis.

Unfortunately where many other treatment centers go wrong, is their clinicians quickly jump to a diagnosis without thoroughly reviewing their patients. This makes it impossible to gather all of the necessary information to make an accurate determination. When this happens guests are often given the wrong medications, and the wrong issues are focused on in talk therapy sessions. Royal Life Centers understands that a lot of forethought and analysis must go into making an appropriate diagnosis, especially for someone that has recently stopped abusing drugs and alcohol. People coming off of drugs and alcohol can be very hard to analyze or diagnose accurately. Our Clinicians at Royal Life Centers are very well trained and experienced at treating and diagnosing countless guests that have just stopped using.

When guests are misdiagnosed tragedies can happen. For example, if someone is admitted to a treatment center with a history of type 2 bipolar disorder, the disorder manifests as mostly depressed with some manic episodes. This person can often be misdiagnosed as having major depression, and only given antidepressants. When bipolar people take an antidepressant without a mood stabilizer, they are very likely to have a full-blown manic episode. This Manic episode could result in psychosis and paranoid thinking that can cause the guest to leave treatment, and not recover from their addiction.

This is a prime example of why having the right psychological and psychiatric professionals in early recovery is absolutely essential. While talk therapy is something that is generally always helpful for recovering addicts, it is certainly worth noting that not all clinical help is not created equal. This is why when you are investing in having your loved ones go to treatment for addiction, selecting the right treatment center is critically important. Royal Life Centers specializes in providing a safe environment for all our recovering guests. Our guests receive the appropriate talk therapy and psychiatric help, so they have the best possible chance of recovering.

While 12 step programs do encourage things that are similar to talk therapy, like expressing one’s feelings with a sponsor, it is not a replacement for quality therapy. Therapy really helps a recovering addict to get to the root of why they used in the first place and develop positive self-talk and coping mechanisms. Call today to get in touch with one of our specialists to learn more about how we can help you or your loved one.

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