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12-Step Programs: AA and NA

people sitting around in 12-step groups

Programs of Recovery Programs of recovery provide a community and support system for people battling addiction or for those close to them. These programs help keep you accountable in recovery and offer peer support and resources to help you navigate situations that challenge your sobriety. Two of the most well-known programs of recovery are Alcoholics […]

Sober Living Homes Benefit Recovery

sober living homes

Once you complete medical detox and drug and alcohol rehab, you return to the outside world. While some people may immediately succeed once integrated back into society, many recoverers prefer to take extra precautions to protect their sobriety. Sober living homes provide a safe, encouraging atmosphere perfect for recovery. What Is Sober Living? Sober living […]

Isolation Vs. Alone Time

Alone Time

What is the Difference between Isolation and Alone Time?  Alone time is a period of time an individual spends apart from others. Similarly, isolation is to set [yourself] apart from others. Definitionally, these two words seem similar, if not identical. However, it is the colloquial use of these words that sets them apart. In conversation, […]

Can Drinking Alcohol Kill COVID-19?

Alcohol, covid-19

Point blank: drinking alcohol does not protect you against COVID-19. In fact, alcohol consumption increases the likelihood of health risks when you contract the coronavirus. With alcohol consumption rates skyrocketing as the pandemic continues, it is important to spread awareness about the truth regarding COVID-19 precautions to avoid spiraling into addiction. Considering that COVID-19 is a […]

How Manifestation Helps Sobriety

Manifestation, Manifesting

For the longest time, I dismissed manifestation as another snake-oil internet scam. I grew up in a strict Christian household that never sat right with my mind. In turn, I assumed that any belief system requiring trust and a routine is cult-esque and malicious.  A born skeptic, I marked manifestation as a money-making scheme. When […]

The Importance of Healthy Boundaries in Recovery

healthy boundaries

When people talk about creating boundaries within their relationships, what exactly does that mean? Often, people incorrectly associate boundaries as mental and emotional blocks that keep a person from expressing themselves fully— that’s not a boundary, that’s a barrier. Boundaries enable healthy, long-lasting relationships.  Boundaries are paramount to recovery because they help you create a […]

Getting the right Talk Therapy and Medication For Addiction Treatment

talk therapy and Psychiatry in Recovery

The treatment of addiction to drugs and alcohol is something that has evolved rapidly over the past 20 years. While 12 step programs and in-patient treatment still remain the most tried and true methods of getting sober, there are alternative modes of treatment and other methods of treatment that make it easier for people to […]

Group Therapy: A Powerful Recovery Tool

group therapy a powerful recovery tool

The Benefits of Group Therapy The process of recovery is just that – a process. There is much more to sobriety than checking in to a medical detox center near you and going through the 8-10 days it takes to clear toxins from your body. While this may work for a select few individuals, most […]

Family Therapy During Recovery

family therapy in recovery

What is Family Therapy? Family therapy or counseling is an approach to mental wellness that seeks to improve the health of the entire family. Usually, this form of treatment is in response to a major life changing event, such as divorce, death of a loved one, or some other hardship. Substance abuse, drug addiction, rehab […]

How Substance Abuse Affects the Body

how substance abuse affects body

When does Substance Use become Abuse? While there are an estimated 35 million men and women who struggle with substance abuse globally every day, there are those who use substances recreationally without developing an addiction or abusing. Though it is important to remember that we do not condone the use of drugs or alcohol, even […]