If you have a loved one who is an alumni please fill out this form to submit your free UA cup request.

    After completing our recovery program, guests are allowed to return home to take care of their obligations and completely reintegrate into their community. While this is an exciting step, moving home often exposes people to possible causes, increasing the likelihood of relapse.

    While stress is inevitable, Royal Alumni are equipped with the coping skills and relapse prevention strategies that give them strength in the face of adversity. That said, we at Royal Life Centers believe that you can never have too many safeguards in place to secure your recovery or that of a loved one.

    Often, guests notes that the knowledge that they have a responsibility to send samples for a drug tests is a major deterrent to relapse. Drug tests serve as an unbiased enforcer of accountability, reminding visitors and alumni that their choices have consequences.

    Royal Life Centers recognizes that independence comes with new responsibilities. To smooth the transition from their time in treatment to their home, we provide free Urine Analysis (UA) cups for Royal Alumni and their families.

    Benefits of Drug Testing:

    To continue the healing of our guests following treatment, we provide Royal Alumni and their loved ones access to free UA cups in hopes of bringing solace and peace of mind to the people closest to you during early recovery. 

    Family members and friends can use the accountability measures offered through our treatment program into an alumni’s day-to-day with the availability of drug screening tests for regular testing or upon suspicion.

    benefits of drug testing

    supporting our royal family

    We want to help you or your loved one maintain sobriety after graduating from Royal Life Centers at Sound Recovery. Since you entrusted us with your loved one’s safety, it is important that we continue to help you and your family after treatment is completed.

    Outside of our treatment services, Royal continues to show its commitment to our community and guests by providing free UA cups to the families and loved ones of our alumni to encourage transparency and progress in recovery.

    Guests who complete our programs at Royal Life Centers at Sound Recovery become members of our Alumni Family, which provides them with additional resources. We invite Royal Alumni to participate in our Alumni Services, as well as receive free UA cups for their families. Following their treatment with us, we continue to provide assistance to our guests through these programs. Our alumni coordinators provide information and assistance with post-treatment programs including placement for further care, treatment completion letters, and organizing Alumni activities.

    We recognize that maintaining order and a sense of responsibility can be the slight shift in your lifestyle that helps you to succeed in recovery. As a result, we provide you with that sense of responsibility at no cost in order to assist you in maintaining your recovery.

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    We are proud to offer free urine analysis drug testing kits for our alumni and their families. Royal Life Centers at Sound Recovery continues to provide services for our guests and their families, even after they complete our program. We understand that recovery is an ongoing process, and we like to help you through the process as much as possible. By providing these free urine analysis kits, we hope that you can feel supported and encouraged to take the first steps in getting the help you or a loved one needs. This is just one of the many ways that we strive to assist our guests, their families and the people that we serve. It is our continued commitment to support you as you achieve a life through sobriety and beyond. For some tips on how and why to use a kit like this or similar, please check out this article.

    If you feel that your loved one might still be struggling, we provide assistance in the form of an at-home free urine analysis drug testing kit for alumnus. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at (877)-732-6837. Because We Care.